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September 2008

This year we moved to a new farm and had to begin with nothing but an acre of grass and a stubborn desire to make it into a workable flower farm. On Labor Day, our new landlord loaned us a tractor and two of his workers and our season started. By the end of a long "Labor Day" we had a plowed and fertilized acre formed into 19 raised beds covered in weed controlling plastic. We waved goodbye to the tractors and workers with tears in our eyes because we will not see them or their great machines until June 2009. We stood back and the realization of the work ahead of us came into full view. Hmmmm...let's see...we have no seed greenhouse, shadehouse and hey, we need water! Well let's get started. We go visit our local irrigation supply store and get alot of pipe and glue and a gas powered pump. A few more trips, alot of laughs and quite a few soggy clothes later, we have water!
With the water up and running it is time to tackle the greenhouse, let's just say we are now on a first name basis with the guy from Home Depot. We're still working on it!
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